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Brown Stew Chicken

Soulful and heartwarming? Try the brown stew

Curried Beef

Meat lover? Try the curried beef, served

Curried Chicken (boneless)

Delicate? Try the boneless curried chicken, served

Curried Chicken (with bone)

Hungry? Try the white meat, the curried

Curried Goat

A must-try entree, the curried goat, served

Curried Shrimp

Craving shrimp? Try the curried shrimp, served

Jerk Chicken

Another mouth-watering entree, the famous jerk chicken,

Kids Meal

For kids 6 years old and under.


Another mouth-watering entree, the famous oxtails, served

Two Meat Combos

Want more flavours? Choose any two types

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